13th July 2012

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Cam Janssen and the homophobic slur

Cam Janssen, New Jersey Devils tough guy, uttered a homophobic slur a couple days ago on a internet radio show. (12 minutes into the video, if you care to see/hear)

I wasn’t mad at Cam. It was obvious he was baited into it. I didn’t believe he meant harm. Maybe I should have been mad. My laissez faire is why it’s taking so long for homophobic slurs to be eliminated from the game. I realize that.

To be honest, I took offense to those that were bashing his character. A lot of people on twitter started calling him a meathead, useless, stupid, a waste of skin, dickhead, plug, etc. etc. Those that decided to lash out at him are no better than Cam’s actions. Slurs are slurs.

Patrick Burke and You Can Play stepped in today. They spoke with Cam, and then Cam posted an apology for his comments. In case you don’t know, You Can Play “is dedicated to ensuring equality, respect and safety for all athletes, without regard to sexual orientation.”

YCP also a posted an official statement, and I love it. I love their stance on it.

"Our policy when incidents such as Cam’s occur remains the same: we favor education over punishment, forgiveness over hatred, and patience over outrage."

I dig the YCP project. I believe in its mission. I believe they’re gaining ground. It’s been a lot more effective than I could’ve ever imagined, and that’s great news.

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