26th May 2012

Chat with 5 notes

Thought process

  • *Picking out oranges at grocery.
  • W.R.Little: These are pretty decent. Yup, I'll get some oranges. Those grapefruits right beside the oranges look quite small and similar in colour to these oranges. Not in the mood for grapefruits, though.
  • *Two hours later, W.R. bites into an orange to start peeling.
  • W.R. Little: Soft, but healthy peel. This should be a good orange. My mouth is burning a bit. And now it's burning more. Oh well, just peel faster so you can bite into an orange slice and kill that burning sensation. Fuck, faster. Burning harder. Hurry.
  • *Splits said "orange".
  • W.R. Little: Fuck.

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